Illustration, painting, photography



Illustrator. Draftsman. Artist.

Working with digital imaging, all kinds of backgrounds, Photography, oil and acryl paintings. Head of Garousiart.

Children, youth and technical publications

  • Illustrations for Lidl products through an advertising agency (2012).
  • Scientifical Illustrations for Pocket Atlas. EPOCPocket Atlas. Respiratory infections and Monographical Atlas. Inhalation system (Grupo Ars XXI de Comunicación, 2008), Atlas of the human body  (Gorg Blanc, 2008) and School books  (Editorial Teide, 2008 y 2013).
  • Illustrations for 2009 Calendar for the Catalan Agency for nourishing security (Generalitat de Catalunya, 2008).
  • Forty fascicles for IBM informatic courses for teenagers  (Multimedia Ediciones, 1999).
  • Four scientifical topics (Ed Baron’s Educational Series, 1997).
  • Illustrations for Disney and Egmont (Selecciones Ilustradas, 1995-2000).
  • Once there were the discoverers (52 books) and Secrets of The Animal World (36 books) (Ediciones Lema for Planeta de Agostini, 1994-2000).
  • Two hundred title pages for different collections (Edicomunicación, 1990-2000).
  • Illustrations for teenager books (Editorial Parramón, 1991).
  • Illustrations for publications of the Children and Youth Education Centre (Tehran, 1980-1983).
  • Illustrations for Keyhan Newspaper (Tehran, 1980-1983).

Films and animations

  • Backgrounds of the Film Arrugas, winner of two Goyas (Cromosoma 2010-2011).
  • Backgrounds of Talma and the Myth of Agharta (Loco Motion Pictures, 2007).
  • Backgrounds of Gisaku (Filmax Animation, 2004).
  • Director of the department of Background coloring and ambience in Tom (Cromosoma, 2000-2003 and 2006-2007).
  • Director of the department of Background coloring in Miniman (Cromosoma, 2000-2003).
  • Backgrounds of Cobi (Estudio Mariscal, 1990).
  • Backgrounds of El capitán Trueno (Estudio de Andreu, 1989).
  • Backgrounds of Despertaferro (Equip Producciones, 1987-1989).

Pintura al óleo y fotografía

  • Painting and Production of decorative works using acryl colors and textures  (2005-2006).
  • Exhibition of Light Painting (night photography and light): Les llums canvien Castellterçol (2011).
  • Hyper realistic oil paintings (private collection).